Is Our Pursuit of Beauty Hardwired?

Faces: Yours, mine, everybody’s, they’re all amazing

Without recognition or reward, the human face steadfastly goes about it’s job, whether it’s exercised, massaged, pampered or downright neglected.

Apart from the myriad of tasks that your face undertakes ranging from informing everyone of your mood to the state of your health, without even being aware of it, one of the greatest demands put upon your face is an evolutionary one.

Whatever your views on the virtues or excesses of preening and beautifying ourselves, one of the oldest instincts we have (along with survival) is to reproduce and to further our species, and in searching for a mate, either consciously or subconsciously our initial foray in the mating game is driven by physical attraction.
Fortunately for most of us, in reality there are a whole host of other human attributes that help us to decide on a partner like humor, sensitivity, caring, sharing and so on, but like it or not, it’s our hardwired physical attraction that drives our initial curiosity.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

It would appear that there is no such thing as a standard set of rules when it comes to attraction because as the saying goes, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and thankfully so!
As a race, overwhelmingly the vast majority of us willingly collude in the attraction game by spending phenomenal amounts of our hard earned cash on products and treatments that we hope will either make us look more attractive (there has to be an excuse!), or ideally both more attractive and younger!
Unfortunately we live in a era whereby, such is the mystique that now exists around the seemingly endless amount of treatments and beauty products, we are all too easily seduced by the promise of instant beauty in a bottle, to the extent that we all appear to have been blinded by the hype and hoodwinked into overlooking the tried and tested basics.

If like most of us, you too are looking for that magic ‘something‘ to add to your beauty regime, then before digging deep for the latest plumping, peeling, hydrating wonder creams or fillers, there is another option.
This option brings real long lasting benefits, is completely natural and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Facial massage

Simple and natural, facial massage not only improves the overall health of your skin, it increases and encourages the flow of blood and lymph, resulting in a smooth, health glow. It’s also a very effective method of removing toxins and dead skin cells.
Many more benefits associated with regular facial exercises include increased facial muscle tone, a reduction of wrinkles, a reduction of fluids and puffiness, a brighter clearer and more even complexion and naturally softer skin.

Somewhere along the line, this most basic yet incredibly effective treatment has been sidelined in favor of some very slick ad campaigns promising the secret of eternal youth. Maybe the zero cost of a self administered facial massage has been it’s own worst enemy, after all, doesn’t a tube of laboratory produced serum costing $99 dollars have a much higher perceived effectiveness than a self administered facial massage which costs nothing?
Believe it or not, in actually applying creams and potions, you’re already demonstrating the skills you need for a self-administered facial massage!

The next step is to learn how to do it properly and here at the Ultimate Face Place we have our very own instantly downloadable, iPad friendly ultimate facial massage course to teach you how. Don’t feel obliged, I’m just offering a superb alternative!

Back to our evolutionary conundrum…

It may be true that in terms of our evolution, we no longer live in a time where good looks and physical strength are required for our very survival, but that doesn’t mean that we no longer consider them important, in fact it’s hard to argue against the notion that good looks and physical strength are now far more important, but in the pursuit of pleasure!

The bottom line is that whatever your reasons for wanting to look attractive, be it for survival or in the pursuit of pleasure, we all want to present our best face to the world. And even the most cynical of us who profess not to care what people think of our looks, will rarely walk past a mirror without just to make sure everything’s in place.

Go forth into the world of wonder lotions and potions, or fulfil your evolutionary demands with a very natural and effective facial massage!

Good Luck!

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Author: Alex Marsh

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