Body Language – the Beginner’s Guide

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Body Language – the Beginner’s Guide

A ‘Get Started With…’ eBook

This eBook is all about body language. It is an attempt to tell you of the various signs that people give out when they are reacting to you. By reading this eBook, you will be able to gain command over what‘s in people‘s minds.

What’s in it?

Chapter 1: Basic Principles of Body Language

Chapter 2: How to Read Body Language

Chapter 3: How to Speed-Read People‘s Minds to Enhance Our Lives

Chapter 4: The Role of Eyes in Body Language

Chapter 5: The Role of Head and Face in Body Language

Chapter 6: The Role of Neck, Chest and Back in Body Language

Chapter 7: The Role of Hands and Arms in Body Language

Chapter 8: The Role of Legs in Body Language

Chapter 9: The Role of Lips in Body Language

Chapter 10: Ways to Improve Body Language


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