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Kick Fear and Anxiety to the Curb

Kick Fear and Anxiety to the Curb

A 'Get Started With' eBook

When we’re born, we are a clean slate. Pure and guiltless and open to whatever comes our way. But as we grow, impressions are made and lessons are learned. We sooner or later lose that childlike sinlessness and we find that we’re adults with realistic expectations and tons of responsibility. Who has time to consider the deeper issues, not to mention change? However, some of us find ourselves in horrendous situations where we’re forced to change.

You don’t have to go through horrendous experiences to discover inner peace. This book will provide some key steps you can follow so that you can unlock the peaceful side of your self.

What's in it?

Chapter 1: Live With What Is

Chapter 2: Use Meditation

Chapter 3: Get Back to Nature

Chapter 4: Mile Power

Chapter 5: Stop Depression and Anxiety by Helping Others

Chapter 6: Keep Hope Alive

Chapter 7: Holding Your Beliefs Dear

Chapter 8: Continue Learning

Chapter 9: Live for Today

Chapter 10: Getting Rid of Fear


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Yoga - a Complete Beginner's Guide

Yoga - a Complete Beginner's Guide

A 'Get Started With...' eBook

This eBook is created with one goal in mind: to demystify yoga for you, and provide you with a clear, simple, and fun introduction to the topic.
If you’ve never been exposed to any kind of yoga (except for what you might have seen on television), then this book is for you!

In addition, even if you have experienced some kinds of yoga (perhaps a friend dragged you to a class at the local recreation center all those years ago), this book will reignite your interest in the topic and reattach you to a mode of body movement and mind focus that has lived in ancient lands for millennium.

This book is conveniently organized into four sections:

What is Yoga?

Why is Yoga Beneficial?

Different Kinds of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Tantra Yoga

Yoga Equipment & Accessories

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Overcoming Shyness 101

Overcoming Shyness 101

A 'Next Level In...' eBook

“Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you want to.” From the song Ask by Morrissey.

Discover your inner confidence and overcome shyness

What’s in it?

Chapter 1: Why Are We Shy?

Chapter 2: When Shyness Can Be A Problem

Chapter 3: Discovering The Inner You

Chapter 4: Shyness In Business

Chapter 5: Shyness In Social Situations

Chapter 6: Using The Internet To Overcome Shyness

Chapter 7: Taking A Step Towards Joining Groups

Chapter 8: Taking A Class On Public Speaking

Chapter 9: Do You Need Counselling?

Chapter 10: How To Remain Free From Being Shy

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Self-Confidence 101

Self Confidence 101

A ‘Get Started With...’ eBook

What’s in it?

Chapter 1. Confidence tips that work

Chapter 2. Social settings can help you find your confidence

Chapter 3. Working women can boost their confidence

Chapter 4. Your sex appeal can be your confidence booster

Chapter 5. Accepting the truth - A great step to building your confidence

Chapter 6. Alternative self confidence techniques you can experiment with

Chapter 7. Boosting your confidence during a job search

Chapter 8. Building back your confidence after a layoff

Chapter 9. Confidence boosters for the new college grad

Chapter 10. Don’t compare yourself and get your confidence down

Chapter 11. Forget about your fears and start developing your self confidence

Chapter 12. Getting rid of confidence crushers

Chapter 13. Great ways to regain your lost confidence

Chapter 14. How to condition your mind for success

Chapter 15. How To Develop An Amazing Self-confidence

Chapter 16. Learn to let go and build back your confidence

Chapter 17. Practical ways to boost your self-confidence

Chapter 18. Procrastination will never make you self-confident

Chapter 19. Some quick self confidence boosters

Chapter 20. The art of staying positive

Chapter 21. The habits of confident people

Chapter 22. The Key To Finding Your Inner Confidence

Chapter 23. The top secrets to building better confidence

Chapter 24. Walking that thin line between confidence and arrogance

Chapter 25. Ways to boost your child’s confidence

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Positive Thinking Power Play ...10 Steps to Success

Positive Thinking Power Play... 10 Simple Steps

A 'Get Started With...' eBook

What's in it?

When we turn on the news nowadays there’s hardly any good news. Heartwarming stories appear few and far between. It’s hard to be positive with so much negative data influencing us each and every day. To become positive in our thinking, we need to center on things that inspire and uplift us.

If we can alter our outlook and do away with the negative thoughts that invade our minds we’ll become happier. If you find it hard to defeat a negative attitude then maybe this book can benefit you by offering you some positive attitude tips that you can apply in your daily life.

Easier said than done, right?

Why not give it a try. Here are ten steps to success through positive thinking. Many individuals have benefited by utilizing these tips to stop negative thinking and build a more positive attitude. Ready? Let’s go...

Chapter 1: Be Around Positive People

Chapter 2: Use Positive Affirmations

Chapter 3: Avoid Negative Thinking

Chapter 4: Set Goals

Chapter 5: Be Grateful

Chapter 6: Surround Yourself With Positive

Chapter 7: Get Organized

Chapter 8: Stay Focused

Chapter 9: Use Time Wisely

Chapter 10: Get The Correct Attitude

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Author: J R Fullerton

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